Six Sentence Sunday

Hi Everyone,

I almost forgot about today’s Six Sentence Sunday.

Here is a taste of Beast Next Door, a sexy YA read out on query:
“I’m your angel. Yeah.

Your freakin’ Angel. Yeah.

So come one and give it to me…Yeah.”

She calls that a song.

  I have no idea what her name is but the girl next door is either delusional or really optimistic to think those lyrics will get her into any rock song writing contest.

  Or magically turn her into a rock star.

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Six Sentence Sunday.

I’d love to know what you think of my six sentences. Leave your thoughts in the comments please. Thank you for reading.

“My fingers hover over the girl’s open chest and crackle when they make contact with her cold, near lifeless skin. Streaks of white light escape my fingers and flow inside the girl. Her chest closes up. She’s breathing a few moments later. I stare at the fading rays of light in my hands. I’ve burned up too much energy bringing her back to life, and it’s taken a toll on me. My mind and body go completely numb before I pass out.”

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