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Thank you to my fabulous readers and reviewers. I am truly grateful for the time taken to read my books and post reviews and ratings. I’m also thankful for the book sales.

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Solitary Strength by Sheritha Singh

Picture this world from outer space,
A mix of genders and every race.
Some are wonderful and happy,
Others are sour and snappy.

We hurt each other with words,
Weapons and rigid outspoken thoughts.
We hurt each other because we want to be better,
And over time these feelings fester.
It’s a terrible cycle of vicious hate,
As we continue to slate
And hate and burn bridges with anger.

Isn’t it time we shut our eyes
And erased the lies?
Isn’t it time we embraced our differences?
Wouldn’t it be good if we chose love over negligence?

I choose to find my solitary strength
Because not even the president has friends.
Change begins with one.
I’m not afraid to stand alone.
My solitary strength is my guiding light
Through mny journey of life.

#inspired #mayaangelou #poetry

Poetry #inspired #MayaAngelou

I’ve rediscovered the joys of writing poetry.

Wings – Sheritha Singh

I’m too close to the shadows on the ground,
Too far from the light and the beauty it surrounds.
I’m too stubborn to heed advice,
Too proud to break the ice.
Inside I’m bitter and broken
Because of harsh words spoken.

My shoulders are heavy,
My breathing weary.
It’s time I broke free
And chose to see
The world around me,
The land and sea.

It’s time to stand up straight.
It’s never too late
To raise my hands up high
To try to fly
To try to fly.
Fly with my heart,
Fly with my soul.
Feel the wind in my hair
And sunlight on my skin.
Taste the clouds if you dare.

It’s impossible not to fly
When I was born with wings.
Wings are not fancy things.
They’re fashioned from my spirit
And live inside me
Waiting to unfurl
And take on the world.

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Work Place Jealousy and Idiots

I’ve been exposed to jealousy again. It’s amazing how weaker males are always intimidated by me. Strong men understand an educated woman is an equal not a threat. Weaker males – I use the word male because a real man does not discriminate – are anxious about out shone by a woman. Pity. They masquerade as males because of biological features such as male genitals but they react to me like little girls. Its difficult to work with petty idiots. Sigh. But someone has to do it.

The idiocy extends to snooping through my work and then sharing with another weak male. I’m confident of my ability to excel at my job. Since weaker males don’t have the balls to confront me to my face and resort to snooping through my work and internet stalking I have posted this blog. I know they will read this because they have nothing better to do. They are so intimidated and threatened by me they have to resort to stalking me – celebrity style.

It’s also no surprise students have begun complaining about these weaker males. They’ve inflated their educational qualifications to build face with students when in reality they are at the bottom of the corporate chain.

Now all I have to do is sit back and watch the fun as karma bitch slaps these reject specimen.

Heroine Must Haves

I’m busy working on a New Adult Paranormal manuscript and a thought crossed my mind – what can a book heroine not leave home without.

Here’s my unofficial list:
A hidden paranormal gift.
A super hunky boyfriend.
An uber sexy, delicious bad boy not afraid of anyone or anything.
Lip gloss. Every girl needs lip gloss.
A mobile phone – who knows. She could get one lifeline.
Decent shoes.
Breath mints.
A map. Heroines are directionally impaired at times.
A spare set of clothes and,
A trendy bag to hold her survival kit.

I’d love to see your lists.


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Cherish Contest

Please check out Cherish on Goodreads.
#‎YA #‎Paranormal coming soon from Breathless Press

Please check out my latest blog posts.

Mark Cherish as want to read on GR. Like my author page and stand in line to win swag.

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Beast Next Door Excerpt

And for those of you eager to get a glimpse of my WIP Beast Next Door, this is especially for you:

“She calls that a song. I have no idea what her name is but the girl next door is either delusional or really optimistic to think those lyrics will get her anywhere. Then there’s her voice. I’ve been tempted to introduce myself twice in the week since we’ve moved to Salt Rock but I couldn’t bring myself to shatter her hope. The girl next door isn’t cut out for singing…”

Please comment if you enjoyed.

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Moving In Progress

Hi Everyone 🙂

I’m working on a full length Moving In book and thought I’d share a brief excerpt:

“He chews thoughtfully before he looks me straight in the eyes and says, “You should get changed.”

I thank God silently. He asked me change. Alison can’t exactly hold that against me now, can she?”

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Moving In Stats

Thank you to everyone who downloaded and recommended my first New Adult novella, Moving In. To date 778 readers worldwide have downloaded my self published novella. I received two four star reviews. I’m happy because for an unknown writer writing in a relatively new genre those are good figures. Moving In is book one in the Moving series. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who’s supported my writing and believed in me.

I will work on the second instalment of the Moving Series which will be released with Beast Next door especially for Avid Reader, who posted my very first review. Ever.

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Beating Endometriosis 

I am blessed with good health in 2017 and going forward. 
This after almost being butchered by my gynecologist last year. Almost every solution to pain or discomfort is a procedure. Whether it’s a laparoscopy, incision, surgery . . . Whatever they want to call it. Some medical specialists would rather fill a patient with doubt than look at the root cause of the symptoms. 
I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012. The diagnosis was based on scans and ultrasounds that were inconclusive. This should have been my first warning sign. 
I recall walking out of the hospital on the day of my laparoscopy vowing to never return. A chance visit to a local health shop on the North Coast, here in KZN, lead to me seeing a homeopath who specialized in women reproductive and fertility problems (not that I was trying to fall pregnant). I took a months course of homeopathic medication and although I wasn’t cured, I learned to have faith in my body and listened to its signs and symptoms. The culprit of the severe period pains and cramps wasn’t endometriosis, it was a diet rich in processed soya. 
I have eliminated soya, processed meat and a range or preservatives from my diet and I although I still have mild period cramps — there is no need for painkillers. Unless the pain is annoying me. I’ve added yoga and light exercise to lifestyle as well and practice breathing exercises as well. The only thing I haven’t really given up is carbohydrates. I have a weak, sensitive digestive system and low GI white bread really helps. 
Had it not been for Endo support groups on Facebook and other social media platforms, I wouldn’t have had the courage to listen to my body and find a solution. 

Blog Tour: Runaway Principessa by Sun Chara

Hi Everyone,

Romance author Sun Chara is back with a sizzling

Tug-a-war between the sexes! ❤️❤️❤️
Infamous Italian neurosurgeon, Peter Medeci, has a score to settle with his estranged wife: her reckless bid for independence has nearly destroyed his medical career.

Ellie, desperate to reassert herself as more than his bedroom playmate, flees the ‘fairytale’ for a gig in a Hollywood club until Peter comes looking for her. For her freedom, Ellie must spend the next three weeks being the ‘good doctor’s wife’ in public…and his mistres s in private!


You can buy the book here:

Purchase Links UK US 

Amazon worldwide & all e-retailers

 *Available also in paperback


And here’s something more about the lead characters. 
Top Five Things about Peter / Top Five Things about Ellie  

1. He’s a hot & sexy Italian so in love with Ellie, but he doesn’t realize it until it’s almost too late, and he might lose her.

2. He’s an alpha male and driven to succeed, possibly even at the cost of his marriage to Ellie because of his poverty stricken past. He never wants to do poor again, not even for Ellie.

3. He is tough and ruthless but he has a soft spot in his heart for Ellie, and his pet dog, King.

4. He built his wealth not so much for himself, but to take care of his family and others in need. So when Ellie spurns his riches, he’s thrown for a spin, until he realizes all she wants is him.

5. Peter is honorable, has integrity and champions the less fortunate…but as admirable as that is, he almost missed Ellie’s desire for fulfillment outside the bedroom…she wants to be more to him than a bedroom playmate.



1. Ellie is beautiful, sassy but a bit naïve in the ways of the world…and her reckless bid for independence could ultimately destroy Peter, her one true love.

2. After five years of living as the ‘good doctor’s wife’ to help Peter reach the pinnacle of his medical career, Ellie feels lost and is a shell of herself. In a gutsy but rash move to ‘find herself’, to rattle Peter, and perhaps save their marriage, she flees the ‘castle’.

3. Ellie has selflessly suspended her life first for her parents, then for Peter…but then she rebels and ditches the ‘fairytale’ for a Hollywood nightclub gig to follow her dream of becoming a singer. Little realizing that by glamorizing poor and working for tips, she’s entrapped herself in a life that could be not only Peters downfall, but hers as well. There are those, unbeknown to Ellie that would bring the renegade doc down for political gain, and they’d use any means at their disposal…including Ellie, especially Ellie.

4. Ellie is afraid of dogs because she was bitten by one when she was a child…that Peter now has a pet German Shepherd does not help him with his overtures to save their marriage.

5. Ellie is smart to realize that Peter is indeed her Prince Charming, and it is the very thing she’d been fighting him for that ultimately saves more than their marriage.


 About the author

Sun Chara, a multi-published, JABBIC winner for Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella , writes sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance, high adventure historical romance, and any genre that knocks at her imagination. Globetrotting for lore while keeping tabs on Hollywood leads, she loves the challenge of creating stories for book and screen. Designer Frappuccinos with whipping cream/sprinkles on top make everyday a celebration! Find out more at: or

Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

I tried out the body shop’s matte lip liquid in magnolia and I love it. It’s long lasting, suits my complexion and has a pleasant after taste. Check out my picture. Also, the staff at the a ballito Lifestyle store were awesome, patient and helped me pick out the perfect shade for my complexion.  At around R85,95, the price is money friendly. 

Phenomenal Women Workshops Now In Ballito

Local psychologist, Dr. Anne Govender is on a mission to help women become the best version of themselves by designing a series of workshops to help women overcome obstacles and unleash their talents.
The workshops kick off in Ballito this February, the month of love. Details are below.

Reg. No: 201/009305/21







Join us for a day of self-discovery and learning as you:

• Unleash the power within,

• Learn to understand who you are,

• Discover your inner strengths,

• Achieve your life’s purpose,

• Learn to love the Image in the mirror.


Venue: The Boathouse, Ballito

Date: To be announced

Time: 09:00 – 13:00

Cost: R500 p.p.


The workshops will be presented by psychologist Dr. Anne Govender. 
Workshops can be hosted in your area provided there are a minimum of fifteen delegates 💖🙏

Please comment below if you are interested 💖🙏I 
please share with all the women you know 🙏💖

What is Personal Branding?

Branding is a popular term amongst marketers. But what exactly does branding mean?
Brands are generally described as products and services that are easily distinguishable from other products and services on the market. Easily recognisable features such as logos, symbols and designs make a brand easily identifiable from others.

Think of your favorite brand. It could be anything. . .
Clothing or,
A reality show franchise.

What is the first thing that comes to mind?
In most cases it should be the brand name. Examples could be Pantene, Gill or Organics to name a few.

Now list your favorite things about your brand. . .
Perhaps your brand of coffee has a unique, unmatched flavor?
Or is it that no other brand of shampoo leaves your hair as smooth and silky as the one you’re using?
Maybe you trust your preferred brand of clothing to last years?
And nothing guarantees entertainment like your favorite reality show.

Whatever your reason – you choose a particular brand because something in that brand appeals to you.
Top brands are also reputable.
Brands are created with a purpose. That purpose is one of the reasons you choose a specific brand to fulfil your needs.

Generally speaking people tend to identify their favourite products and services by the brand names. If we apply the same principle of identification to ourselves then we too would like to be identified by our names and also for something we excel in. Think of Oprah Winfrey — one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and television personalities who excels in the media. Many other successful celebrities spring to mind — Richard Branson’s name is synonymous with the Virgin brand; Madonna’s music and performance skills are still the envy of many artists and, Michael Jordan is one of the best sports personalities on earth. All of these celebrities have established themselves as successful brands. We also perceive these successful individuals to be successful because of their various achievements. And, somewhere someone has a perception of you. This perception is somebody else’s understanding of what your brand represents. You are judged on your image, your confidence, the way you speak or conduct yourself.

Remember: You are the best brand ever created. Market yourself carefully.

“Entrepreneurs put a lot of heart, soul and effort into a brand. A stroke of genius is nothing without hard work.” – Anonymous


Release Day: Sheri Velarde – Stealing Hearts

Stealing Hearts: Gods Behaving Badly Book 3
Who doesn’t like some misbehaving Gods?
By Sheri Velarde

Sophia had fled New York and the feelings that a certain detective had stirred within her. Now she found herself alone in LA on New Year’s Eve, the former goddess of love reduced to having to look for a date. Hitting the Sunset Strip she finds the last thing she was looking for, but exactly who she was yearning for, Detective Bruce Stoker in the flesh. A night of passion leaves her with high hopes for the future, until an art heist threatens everything.

Bruce had followed Sophia across the country in order to rekindle the passion he felt during their one night together and to get some much needed answers from her about who he really was, what her really was. Just when he thought he would get his answers, Bruce begins to wonder if he can truly trust Sophia at all. Only time and a mystery will tell.
Buy Links:
Lost Souls:
Stealing Hearts:

Guest Post:
Why Greek gods in modern times?
When I decided to try my hand at an actual book series, the first idea that popped into my mind was that it should be about Greek gods. That is where the idea for the Gods Behaving Badly series started. People since then have asked me why Greek gods? Why not? Not only are there plenty of gods to choose from, which means lots of potential characters for a book series, but they are fascinating to me. I believe that you should write what you know and love, so ancient gods from mythology just made me want to write them. Plus let’s face it, all those overgrown personalities make for some pretty good fiction! Talk about drama! For my own personal deities of lore stories I chose to place them in modern times with diminished powers. Same egos, but more challenges. So far I am liking the results. Looted, the first in the series was pretty well received and I am hoping Stealing Hearts does just as well. I am loving writing this series and in the latest book have already brought in more gods and that means more stories to tell. Here is a little sneak peak from Stealing Hearts.
Author Bio:
Sheri Velarde lives in New Mexico with her husband and their two dogs.
Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializes in all things paranormal and that go bump in the night. Her heart truly lies in exploring unknown worlds or adding the supernatural to our world. If it goes bump in the night or has magical connotations, Sheri writes about it.
She is constantly putting out new material with various publishers, so it is best to keep up with her on her website
In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, independent comic writer/artist and freelance non-fiction writer. Hiking in the mountains, going to live concerts, art openings, museums, and hosting intimate dinner parties.

The next morning Bruce awoke feeling happier than he could ever recall feeling. Suddenly he snapped open his eyes to make sure that Sophia still lay beside him. Sure enough, she slept peacefully next to him, a slight smile played on her beautiful features, her long auburn hair mussed, making her even sexier. Thank god, or goddess in this case. He had been afraid she’d disappear despite her promise the night before. Now that his need for her had been abated ever so slightly, maybe he could get her to answer some questions that had been eating him alive since their first meeting. His stomach growled; he forgot when his last meal had been and he had certainly worked up an appetite the previous evening. Quietly, he slipped out of bed, praying that goddesses kept a fully stocked kitchen. Maybe a little breakfast in bed would make her more talkative about the magic she seemed to have awakened within him. He still needed to know what an empath truly was, what he truly was, and what he was capable of doing. It seemed too farfetched to believe he was anything but human. However, he certainly felt different when with Sophia.
Making it to the kitchen, he was thrilled to see Sophia had all the makings for a fine breakfast. He turned on the small television on the counter as he began to get the eggs and bacon ready to cook. Mostly, he just wanted a little noise as he got to work, but something suddenly caught his attention.
“This is the highest profile art heist to hit Los Angeles in history. What is even more puzzling, there is no evidence as to who could have stolen the painting. All cameras and security systems are working properly, and the guards on duty didn’t see or hear anything. No alarms sounded, and the Getty’s systems show that no one entered or exited the premises last night. Van Gogh’s Irises is valued at over fifty-five million dollars, but many consider it priceless. If you have any information please contact the police. This is certainly not how we wanted to start off the New Year…”
Bruce’s heart sank. As he lay asleep last night, exhausted by lovemaking, it appeared Sophia may have been up to her old tricks. How could he ever learn to truly trust a creature such as her? She seemed to be getting bolder too, now she wasn’t just stealing from nefarious rich men, but from the Getty Center, and a high profile piece as well. He must not have provided her with enough excitement last night after all.