Blog Tour: Runaway Principessa by Sun Chara

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Romance author Sun Chara is back with a sizzling

Tug-a-war between the sexes! ❤️❤️❤️
Infamous Italian neurosurgeon, Peter Medeci, has a score to settle with his estranged wife: her reckless bid for independence has nearly destroyed his medical career.

Ellie, desperate to reassert herself as more than his bedroom playmate, flees the ‘fairytale’ for a gig in a Hollywood club until Peter comes looking for her. For her freedom, Ellie must spend the next three weeks being the ‘good doctor’s wife’ in public…and his mistres s in private!


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And here’s something more about the lead characters. 
Top Five Things about Peter / Top Five Things about Ellie  

1. He’s a hot & sexy Italian so in love with Ellie, but he doesn’t realize it until it’s almost too late, and he might lose her.

2. He’s an alpha male and driven to succeed, possibly even at the cost of his marriage to Ellie because of his poverty stricken past. He never wants to do poor again, not even for Ellie.

3. He is tough and ruthless but he has a soft spot in his heart for Ellie, and his pet dog, King.

4. He built his wealth not so much for himself, but to take care of his family and others in need. So when Ellie spurns his riches, he’s thrown for a spin, until he realizes all she wants is him.

5. Peter is honorable, has integrity and champions the less fortunate…but as admirable as that is, he almost missed Ellie’s desire for fulfillment outside the bedroom…she wants to be more to him than a bedroom playmate.



1. Ellie is beautiful, sassy but a bit naïve in the ways of the world…and her reckless bid for independence could ultimately destroy Peter, her one true love.

2. After five years of living as the ‘good doctor’s wife’ to help Peter reach the pinnacle of his medical career, Ellie feels lost and is a shell of herself. In a gutsy but rash move to ‘find herself’, to rattle Peter, and perhaps save their marriage, she flees the ‘castle’.

3. Ellie has selflessly suspended her life first for her parents, then for Peter…but then she rebels and ditches the ‘fairytale’ for a Hollywood nightclub gig to follow her dream of becoming a singer. Little realizing that by glamorizing poor and working for tips, she’s entrapped herself in a life that could be not only Peters downfall, but hers as well. There are those, unbeknown to Ellie that would bring the renegade doc down for political gain, and they’d use any means at their disposal…including Ellie, especially Ellie.

4. Ellie is afraid of dogs because she was bitten by one when she was a child…that Peter now has a pet German Shepherd does not help him with his overtures to save their marriage.

5. Ellie is smart to realize that Peter is indeed her Prince Charming, and it is the very thing she’d been fighting him for that ultimately saves more than their marriage.


 About the author

Sun Chara, a multi-published, JABBIC winner for Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella , writes sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance, high adventure historical romance, and any genre that knocks at her imagination. Globetrotting for lore while keeping tabs on Hollywood leads, she loves the challenge of creating stories for book and screen. Designer Frappuccinos with whipping cream/sprinkles on top make everyday a celebration! Find out more at: or

Sneak Peek at Sean’s Sweetheart

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I am currently reading Sean’s Sweetheart by my friend, Allie.

Here’s what the book is about:

Sean has spent five years cleaning up his life. He’s shoved his past behind him and built a profitable business in the town’s most popular dance club. Falling in love with a college sophomore wasn’t in his plans. But, from the moment he rescued Talia, she brings out his every protective instinct. He tries to resist getting involved on a personal level. Talia’s persistence, however, is stronger than his will.

Despite just ending an abusive relationship, Talia finds an instant connection with a man unlike any she’s dated before. Older, tattooed, and totally inappropriate for her, Talia couldn’t keep Sean off her mind, especially once he calls her “sweetheart” in that deep drawl of his.

When Talia is in danger, they discover just how strong their relationship is. Can Sean and his sweetheart make things last when horrors from their pasts come back to haunt them and family seems determined to keep them apart?

It’s every bit as interesting and romantic as the blurb. Please check out Allie’s website:


First Few pages of my #NA sci-fi

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Please have a look and let me know if these first few pages clearly indicate Lana made a decision to move out because she has something to hide.






“You did what?” My best friend Bree stares at me stunned. Her brown irises remind of little chocolate buttons against the white of her eyes. A strand of spaghetti dotted with spicy sauce hangs out her fuchsia pink lips.

“I told my parents I want my trust fund,” I tell her calmly. “They offered it to me after I graduated and I told them I’d let them know when I needed it.”

Bree shakes her head and glares at me as if I’ve committed the ultimate sin. She sucks in the spaghetti. “You shouldn’t have been so hasty, Lana. You could have used that money later.”

Bree thinks long term – as in ten years down the line. Right now all I want is to live my life the way I want and ten years is a really long time…

“My writing gig’s doing pretty well,” I tell her, “And I’m enjoying studying through correspondence.” I’m doing my Honors in Journalism through UNISA, a distance education university. “I don’t want to wait until later start living the life I want.”

“I don’t believe you.” Bree points her sauce tipped fork at me. “You’re out of your mind,” she whispers. “Do you even know what you’re going to do with the money?” Her wild, red curls tremble when she mock shudders at what I’ve done.

We’re at a tiny Italian restaurant in Ballito – Pavarotti’s – Bree’s favorite eatery on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North coast. I haven’t told Bree the rest of my news yet. God only knows how she’ll react.

I shrug. “Buy a house.” I blurt the first thing that comes to mind.

She twirls spaghetti around her fork and eyes me surreptitiously. “Buy a house? You’re only twenty. You could rent. Why buy when you’re obviously going to up and move in a few years?”

“I prefer stability.”

“Stability? What the fuck’s gotten into you?” Spots of color appear on Bree’s cheeks. “Is there something you’re not telling me? Did you and parents fall out?”

“No.” I shake my head. “This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.”

Bree pours herself more wine. “I swear you’ve been kidnapped by aliens or something.”

Bree is such a drama queen.

“We were supposed to take a gap year, Lana, remember?”

“I’m taking my gap year now.” I look away from her when emotion threatens to fill my eyes with tears.

“Now?” Bree stops eating. “I know you love attending school full time.”

“I need a cha –” a sharp jolt of pain paralyzes me. Shit. Why now? I hold my head between my hands and concentrate on my breathing for a while.

“Lana?” Panic rises in her voice. “I’m calling a doctor,” she screams when I don’t respond immediately to her.

“No,” I gasp, “It’s nothing – just the stress of moving and stuff…” Please let her buy my lie, I pray. The blinding spasms cease after a few minutes leaving me weak and nauseous.

“Have you been to a doctor?”

“Yes,” I nod.


“He ran some tests.”

“Shit, you’re shaking like a fucking leaf.” She holds a glass of water to my lips. “Drink.”

I manage to take a few sips. The headaches strike when I least expect it. There’s no particular pattern, warning or interval. They just happen spontaneously.

Bree calls for the bill. “I’m going to drop you off at home,” she insists after she’s paid. She stands up and holds my hand, ready to catch me if I fall.

“No. I…” Bree doesn’t know I moved out last weekend.

She narrows her eyes. “Why don’t you want to go home?”

I might as well tell Bree the truth and get it over with. The nausea fades away and most of my strength returns. “I moved out.”

She sits in her chair with a heavy thud. “What the fuck did you that for?”

“I needed space and time to focus on my writing –” it’s partly true. My freelance writing career’s really kicked off in the last few months. “And since Beauty Bulletin decided to make my column a permanent fixture, I decided I needed more space to focus on my career…” Beauty Bulletin is one of the most popular magazines in South Africa.

Bree sighs and shakes her head. She’s not buying my excuses. “I don’t know what you’re not telling me but I can promise you one thing, Lana. Whatever it is you’re hiding– I’ll find out sooner or later,” she vows. She watches me closely as I wake up. “You could tell me now and get it over with,” she whispers.

“I’ve told you everything.” Bree’s a tough cookie to convince. “My parents have been really supportive of my decision. Dad even bought me a car so I could be more independent.”

Bree eyes my Ford hatchback. “I can’t believe your dad bought you a car as a moving out gift.” Bree borrows her brother’s VW Golf to move around.

“He’s pretty awesome.” My dad and I have always been close. I’m grateful he didn’t ask me too many questions when I told him and Mom I wanted to move out. Dad’s always been supportive of my decisions. The car was a gift from Dad when Beauty Bulletin told me they’d decided to make my column a permanent part of their magazine.

She shakes her head. ” There’s more to this. I feel it in my bones.”

“Your bones are wrong.” Bree and I have been close since fifth grade. We’ve cried with each other over failed crushes, shared fashion disasters and each other’s happiness. Lying to Bree is more difficult than lying to my family.

“My bones have never been wrong.” She looks up sharply. “Are you sure this isn’t about Zane?” Her brown eyes darken.

“Positive,” I assure Bree on our way to the parking lot. Zane and I dated briefly. He’s a model and fitness fanatic with a heart of gold. After two dates both of us agreed it’d be better to remain friends.  

Bree sighs. “I’m happy things are working out your way, Lana, but I know you’re hiding something from me. She places her hands on either side of my shoulders. “Just because I’m dropping the topic now doesn’t mean I’ll forget.” Our eyes meet. “So where did you move to?”


She stares at me blankly. “Where the fuck is that?”

“About twenty minutes from here.”

Bree still has no clue what I’m talking about. “North or south?”

“North.” She’s going to freak out in five seconds. I count down mentally in my mind. Five, four, three, two, one…

“Are you kidding me?” She’s about a head shorter than me. Bree stands on tip toes to look me straight in the eyes. “You moved to the fucking heart of a sugar cane farm. I don’t believe this. You’re twenty. Not sixty. Sugar cane farms are for retirement – not starting out.”

“There’s barely any sugar cane farms left. Besides it’s on the beach. I love it there.” I try and sound as convincing as possible. “It’s quiet and peaceful and good for my writing.”

“Don’t use your writing to cover up. You’re going there to hide.” She leans against my car. “Are you pregnant?” she asks suddenly.

“What?” I laugh. “By who?”

“Zane,” she whispers. “I wouldn’t blame you for messing around with him. He’s got a great body and personality.”

I shake my head. “Zane prefers messing around with the opposite sex.”

“Shit. I’d have never guessed he was gay.” She shakes her head. Her phone rings then cutting our conversation short. “Fuck. I forgot I have to pick Mom up from the mall.”

Bree’s Mom’s a shopaholic.

“I’ll call you later.” She jumps into her car and takes off.

Thank God I didn’t get caught this time. I sigh in relief before driving to my new home.