Snippet from my Sexy Super Hero Biker Series

She shakes her head without making eye contact. “No.”
Something’s wrong. The girl sitting next to me has turned into the exact opposite of the chick I nearly made love to.
She shakes her head. “It’s been a long day. I really should get some rest.”
“Okay.” I adjust my seat and turn the key in the ignition.
“Do you regret it?” Her gentle voice catches me off guard.
I leave the gear in neutral and turn to face her. “Not one bit,” I tell her hoarsely.
She smiles. “I’m a little scared,” she admits eventually.
“Of me?”
She shakes her head. “No.”
“Then?” I prompt.
She looks away. “Sex,” she whispers.
“Which part?” I ask.
She shakes her head. “I’m not sure. Maybe all of it.”
I place my hand over hers. “It isn’t scary if it’s with someone you love.”
“I’m sorry,” she whispers.
“Ruining our moment.”
Her soft voice tugs at my heart. “You haven’t ruined anything at all.”
I caress her lips and wish I could kiss her again. My hand brushes hers when I shift the truck into gear and I’m haunted by another image of Lana being forcefully taken away from me. I move my hand away quickly. I need to get some sleep. I’m probably exhausted and hallucinating as a result. That must be it.
“I’d love to do this every night,” I tell her.
“Get drenched on the promenade?” she asks
“If it means snuggling up next to you afterwards — then hell yeah.”
She laughs. “You make me feel like the sexiest woman on earth.”
I’m glad she’s forgotten about her earlier apprehension. “You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”
“That’s because you bring out the best in me.”
Slowly the part of me that Cora destroyed after betraying my family is sprouting back to life.
“And you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Random Poem

This could be about one of my characters…

Do you see that girl with the big brown eyes,
The one with the radiant smile?
Do you notice her walk
Or would you rather hear her talk?
What is it about her that makes you stare?
What is it about her that makes you care?

Do you see that girl with the big brown eyes?
The one who’s tired of listening to lies?
Don’t you wonder why she no longer smiles?
Have you ever wondered who she really is?
And what it would be like to see her laugh?
Did you notice her tears
When she turned your way?
Maybe not, ‘cos she blinked them away.

Do you see the girl with the big, brown eyes?
The one you promised you’d never hurt?
Do you remember her voice?
Do you recall her hope?
You ended it all with one quick choice
And didn’t once think how she’d feel?
Do you see the girl with the big, brown eyes,
The one who forces a smile
While deep down she wonders why.