Cover Reveal – Eggnog Kisses

Title: Eggnog Kisses
Author: Mireille Chester
Release Date: December 2nd 2014

It’s been six months since Kaley’s fiancé called
things off, disappearing with barely an explanation, and the thought of
spending Christmas alone is causing feelings of hurt and loneliness to
ruin her holiday cheer.  Tall, dark, quiet, and ever the gentleman, her
next door neighbor has been sneaking into her thoughts more often than
not lately.  When she decides to ask him to go to a Christmas party on a
spur of the moment whim, she has no idea she’s about to unleash a whole
new dimension on her usually normal life.

in Quelondain, Sean is no stranger to a broken heart.  Though it’s been
years since the one he loved fated to his best friend, the ache is
still present and crossing over to the other world hasn’t helped like
he’d hoped it would.  When Kaley asks him to accompany her to a
Christmas party his gut tells him to stay away.  It’s not that he isn’t
attracted or tempted, but how is he supposed to explain his past and
what he is.  Of course, it’s just one evening, right?  What could
possibly happen in one night?

Two broken hearts…

Two worlds…

One fate…

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She managed to get into her
apartment while keeping a curious JJ from escaping.  The fluffy white
cat purred and rubbed himself against her ankles.

“Hey, bud.  Did
you miss me?”  Kaley went to the cupboard and pulled out a few
Whiskas treats for him.  She looked around her small apartment and
suddenly, she didn’t want to be there alone.  “I’ll be right back.”

She didn’t bother putting
on shoes before closing her door behind her.  Sean answered his door
and smiled at the sight of her.

“What can I do for you,

“I…”  This was

“So, what brings you
over here?”

just…”  Kaley’s good mood vanished.

His smile
softened.  “First Christmas since Gale left?”

She took a deep breath and
blew it out of her nose.  “It’s stupid, I know.”

Sean shook his
head.  “Not at all.  I know the feeling.  I
wasn’t engaged, mind you, but my first holiday after my girlfriend left I was a
wreck.  We’d been together four years.”

“I’m sorry.”  She
looked at the ground.  “What happened?”

He cocked his head to the
side.  “I was just about to have a rum and eggnog.  Want

She was tempted to turn him
down, but curiosity got the better of her.  “Sure.”

He held the door opened
wider so she could get in and directed her to the couch.  “It was
your typical breakup.  We were young and life had other plans for

She watched as he mixed the
drinks and brought them over.  “Thanks.”  She took a sip
and he took a long swallow of his drink.  “Anyway, it wrecked me when
she left.”

“What did you do?”

“I moved
here.”  He smiled.

frowned.  “That worked?  It helped?”

“Not even a little
bit.  The only thing that helps is time.”

She couldn’t help the
depressed look that took over her face.  “Five years, eh?”

laughed.  “It’s been that long, but it didn’t take that
long.  I’ve had a few other girlfriends since, I just haven’t found
anyone else I want to settle down with, that’s all.”  He raised an
eyebrow at her glass.  “Want another one?”


“So where’s your party at

“Mel’s boss is throwing a
bash for their office. He rented the Rex Hall.”


Kaley noticed him glancing
at the clock on the wall.  “Do you have something to
do?”  She turned toward the door as someone unlocked it from the
outside and he stood.

“Sean!”  The dark
haired woman dropped her duffle bag and ran into his open
arms.  Kaley watched dumbfounded as he hugged her
close.  He had a girlfriend.

“I was getting
worried.”  He took her coat from her and hung it up.

“My bus was
delayed.  There was a crash on the highway and we got caught behind
all the traffic.  I don’t think it was too bad.  I mean,
there were ambulances and stuff, but the cars looked to be in not bad shape
when we were finally able to go by.”

“And you didn’t think to

shrugged.  “Ooh! Are you having rum and eggnog without
me?”  The woman finally turned her attention to
Kaley.  “Since Sean has zero manners, I’m Reese, by the way.”

“Um, Kaley.”

“Let me
guess.  He didn’t tell you I was coming?”  She took the
drink Sean handed her and settled on the cough beside Kaley.  “And he
says I’m forgetful.  You’re getting old, big brother.”

He scoffed.  “And
you get more immature the more years you put behind you.”

“Mom’s going to flip when
she hears you finally have a girlfriend.  It’s about time you got
over that stupid bitch.”


“Well, what?  By
the moons, she was.  None of us could figure out what you saw in

“You were sixteen when we
split.  Don’t tell me you gave a shit.”

Reese pounded back her
drink.  “Of course I cared.  How many big brothers do I

Sean rolled his
eyes.  “Four.”

“Right.  But you
were always my favorite.”  She skipped back to her knee high leather
boots, slipped them on, and shrugged on her coat.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m meeting
Heather.”  She gave him a peck on the cheek.  “I have my
key.  Don’t wait up.”

“Just remember I’m leaving
at eight tomorrow morning.  With or without

yeah.”  Reese grinned.  “I missed you.”

“I missed you
too.  Brat.”

She closed the door with a
wave at Kaley.

“She’s, uh… she’s one of
those high energy people.”  Sean smiled and went to refill their

“No kidding.  I
had no idea you had a sister.  Or three brothers for that matter.”

“What about you?”

Kaley shook her
head.  “Only child.  Your mom and dad?”

“Both alive and running the
farm.  You?”

“My parents died when I was
fifteen.  Drunk driver.  I went to live with Mel and her

“But you don’t do Christmas
with them?”

“They’re not around since
they retired.  Mel gets on a flight tomorrow
to join them in Mexico tomorrow morning.  They
invite me every year, I just… Christmas needs snow.  You know?”

He grinned.  “I

Kaley found her gaze moving
to his mouth.  He had a great smile.  Had they
really been
living next to each other for almost six years?  How had she never


“Nothing.  I was
just thinking that I can’t believe we’ve been neighbors all this time and we
know nothing about each other.”

His smile
softened.  “Yeah.  I guess that’s
life.  Everyone’s too busy.”

She looked at her
watch.  “Shit.  I have to go get ready.”

Sean stood and walked her
to the door.

“So, you’re just home alone
tonight?”  She looked up into his dark green eyes.

“Seems like it.”

“I was just thinking… Mel
is bringing a date tonight and I’m going to be the third wheel.  Want
to come along?”

“I don’t think…”

“Come on.  I’ll
owe you one.  There’s this guy that works there that always gets
drunk and hits on me.  You can pretend to be my
boyfriend.”  Sweet mother of fuck.  Had she actually just
suggested this?  She was thirty four years old for shit’s
sakes.  Her face turned a deep shade of
red.  “Sorry.  That’s so highschool.  I’m just
going to leave before I make myself sound any more stupid.  Thanks
for the drinks.”

Kaley rushed out of his
apartment and back into hers.  Good god!  How many eggnogs
had she had?

Mireille Chester is a stay at home mom of three children and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Her time is spent playing with the kids, reading, writing, and watching movies with her hubby.

Mireille is a fantasy author who loves to spend time in made up worlds filled with magic. She is a firm believer that no hero is perfect and that all villains are burdened with a tiny shred of humanity. While she writes her Adult and YA novels under the name Mireille Chester, she is now writing a middle grade series under the name M.G. Chester.



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Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella

Please welcome my fabulous writer friend, Sun Chara, on my blog today. Sun has published two books with Harper a Impulse. Let’s take a look at MMC.

Will their wedding night be a one-night stand or a merger for keeps?
Global real estate mogul, Cade Sloan should’ve listened to his own advice: trust no one, and never a woman…especially not his 24 hour bride gone AWOL with his millions. Nina, mousy secretary turned sexy vixen, will repay every penny with interest…
When Cade gears up for a takeover, there’s sweet hell to pay. Nina owes her husband a wedding night and he’s hell bent on collecting… his way, his time, his pleasure.

Hmmm. Sounds super sexy and romantic. Let’s have a look at the excerpt.

EXCERPT: Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella
Cade Sloan—Manhattan’s hotshot bachelor on the brink of bankruptcy.
Cade read the headline and hurled the newspaper into the trashcan, the
taunting words searing his brain. Prowling to and fro his high-rise office, he paused in stride and zoned in on his secretary, sitting ramrod straight, her fingers flying across the computer keyboard.
“Ms. McLow—” The words dissolved on his tongue, and he
scratched his head. What was her name anyway?
“Ms. McLow—” He cleared his throat and tried again. “Ms.—”
“McLowsky.” She lifted a shapely brow and tossed him a glance
through her coke-bottle thick lenses, a blush on her cheeks. “Nina
Did she just click her tongue in disapproval?
Just his luck. She came with attitude.
“Of course.” He swiped a finger around his shirt collar, and his chest tightened. “Nina McLowsky.” Scrambling to regroup, he seized the
Coffee-mate from the counter and filled a cup with coffee.
She looked like she had walked out of a 1950’s Norman Rockwell painting, an epitome of diplomacy and efficiency. He stroked his throat, and then shook his head, amazed. He was actually flirting with the idea of a merger …with her.
At least with her, there’d be no emotional tantrums. The thought had him breaking out in a sweat. He never let any woman get close enough to
get a glimpse beneath the surface, to know what made him tick. ‘Never trust
a woman’ was his motto.
A cab horn blared amidst the congested traffic on Madison Avenue and ripped through his thoughts. He flinched in annoyance.
He hadn’t felt this bridled since he was a boy, and, he had vowed
never to feel like this again. But he was running out of options. He had to score a mega hit or he was going to cave. Fast.
And that rankled his pride.
“Here you go.” He plopped the coffee cup on her desk, and a huff of air burst from his mouth, ruffling a wisp at her temple.
She squinted at the steaming brew, then up at him, her baby blues all innocence and perplexity. “Thank you.”
His gut flexed. He frowned and dismissed the unsettling feeling.
“Careful, it’s hot.”
She peered at him above her thick lenses, a hint of a smile on her mouth, her fingers never missing a beat. Maybe if he focused on the dimple
on her cheek, he could go through with the transaction.
“Take a moment, Ms. McLowsky.” The smell of caffeine gave him a boost, and latching onto his own mug, he shot her his killer smile.
“Well…uh…” he began, words sticking in his throat. “Drink up.”
“Yes, sir.” She picked up the steaming cup, blew on the liquid and took a sip, fixing her gaze on him over the rim.
Was that a glint of amusement in her eyes?
She blinked and it was gone. “Is that it, sir?” She set the cup on the desk.
“No.” He lifted his mug to his lips, took a gulp of the black brew and scorched his tongue. He swore, a muffled sound.
She heard and raised that well-defined eyebrow again.
He tautened his abs iron-hard.
“There’s a new position in the company.” He stepped closer and hitching up his jean-clad leg, propped his hip on the corner of her desk. “You’re the best match.”
“What is it?”
“A merger of sorts.”
At thirty-three, Cade was not averse to a challenge, it was the coercion
tactic he abhorred. His lifelong nemesis that he booted from the boardroom
tossed him a curve to the tune of three million—problem was—the deal included a stipulation to muzzle…er…marry him off.
Cade was under no illusions his uncle’s offer was iced with ulterior
motives, but in no position to refuse, he had to take the bait. A pittance, but it’d swing him from the red into the black, and buy him some time. He’d expand his global holdings, complete the mega development in Cyprus,
triple his profits and—his heart turned to stone—catch the hacker
embezzling company funds.
The con was about to demolish Cade into a heap of rubble.
…read more Ch 1 on wattpad


Author: Sun Chara
Book Title: Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella – sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance
Book Image: Attached
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Purchase: Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon worldwide & all other eretailers
*Now available in paperback
Facebook Link:
Twitter: @sunchara3


About the author:

Sun Chara, a multi-published, JABBIC winner Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella, keys sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance, high adventure historical romance, and any genre that knocks at her imagination. Globetrotting for lore while keeping tabs on Hollywood leads…she loves the challenge of creating stories for book and screen. Designer frappuccinos with whipping cream and sprinkles on top make everyday a celebration! – See more at:



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Dean St. James can’t believe a single blog post ruined his comfortable life. He’s forced to look for another place when his parents kick him out of their apartment. In a moment of total insanity, Dean confronts the writer of the damaging blog post and is surprised when she offers him a place. Dean needs balls of steel if he’s going to live with the sexy writer, especially since she has a penchant for a silk robe that falls open and flashes him the sexiest body he’s ever seen.

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Manicilous #Monday

Hi Everyone,

Moving In is with my awesome editor at the moment. I’ve plotted the entire four book series. Let me know what you think of the excerpt.

Honey, my pet Rhodesian ridgeback springs into the lounge and heads for Mom. Honey’s never been fond of my parents. Mom and Dad don’t relate to anything outside of the human species. She steps back and glares at Honey. “Get that thing away…”
“She’s not a thing. She’s a dog and her name’s Honey. Honey, come here girl.” She growls at Mom before she turns around and settles at my feet. Honey is awfully protective over me. Mason, the complex’s caretaker usually takes care of Honey while I’m away. Mom and Dad haven’t just screwed up my life. They’ve screwed up Honey’s future as well. God knows how I’m going to give up my dog for adoption if I don’t find a pet friendly place to live in. My heart breaks at the mere thought of giving Honey away.
“Dean…you have to understand this decision wasn’t an easy one for us to take.”
It seemed pretty easy to me. In fact my parents haven’t even waited twenty four hours since the blog post went live to kick me out of what’s technically their property.
“I need to pack.” I’m really not in the mood to talk. Where the fuck am I going to find a place at such short notice?
“I’ll let myself out.”
Honey barks in approval. She’s never taken to Mom and my mother’s never been a dog person. In fact the only species my mother is comfortable with is human beings. I found Honey lying on a freeway a year ago. She’d been pregnant, knocked, bleeding and left for dead. I got her to a vet and who managed to save her – Honey lost all her puppies – and she’s been with me ever since. There’s absolutely no way I’ll leave her at the SPCA or any other kind of animal shelter. She goes where I go. Period.
Which brings me to packing. I live light and travel lighter. It doesn’t take me more than two hours to neatly pack my life’s possessions and load them into my black Ford Ranger. I earned the van fair and square. Dad bought the Ranger for me after I got my Bachelor’s degree. Suddenly I want to get as far away as I can from this apartment and from anything my parents have ever given me. Who’s going to give me a place to stay at such short notice? Jace?