Manicilous #Monday

Hi Everyone,

Moving In is with my awesome editor at the moment. I’ve plotted the entire four book series. Let me know what you think of the excerpt.

Honey, my pet Rhodesian ridgeback springs into the lounge and heads for Mom. Honey’s never been fond of my parents. Mom and Dad don’t relate to anything outside of the human species. She steps back and glares at Honey. “Get that thing away…”
“She’s not a thing. She’s a dog and her name’s Honey. Honey, come here girl.” She growls at Mom before she turns around and settles at my feet. Honey is awfully protective over me. Mason, the complex’s caretaker usually takes care of Honey while I’m away. Mom and Dad haven’t just screwed up my life. They’ve screwed up Honey’s future as well. God knows how I’m going to give up my dog for adoption if I don’t find a pet friendly place to live in. My heart breaks at the mere thought of giving Honey away.
“Dean…you have to understand this decision wasn’t an easy one for us to take.”
It seemed pretty easy to me. In fact my parents haven’t even waited twenty four hours since the blog post went live to kick me out of what’s technically their property.
“I need to pack.” I’m really not in the mood to talk. Where the fuck am I going to find a place at such short notice?
“I’ll let myself out.”
Honey barks in approval. She’s never taken to Mom and my mother’s never been a dog person. In fact the only species my mother is comfortable with is human beings. I found Honey lying on a freeway a year ago. She’d been pregnant, knocked, bleeding and left for dead. I got her to a vet and who managed to save her – Honey lost all her puppies – and she’s been with me ever since. There’s absolutely no way I’ll leave her at the SPCA or any other kind of animal shelter. She goes where I go. Period.
Which brings me to packing. I live light and travel lighter. It doesn’t take me more than two hours to neatly pack my life’s possessions and load them into my black Ford Ranger. I earned the van fair and square. Dad bought the Ranger for me after I got my Bachelor’s degree. Suddenly I want to get as far away as I can from this apartment and from anything my parents have ever given me. Who’s going to give me a place to stay at such short notice? Jace?

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