When the roti’s are not round . . .

Hey Everyone,

The pressure on Hindu girls / females / women to roll out round roti’s is a dilemma that not even gender equality can solve. Amazingly I can roll out square roti’s with accurate measurements – right down to the diameter. I’ve rolled out Africa, heart shapes, apples and the odd isosceles triangle. Except a rare circle.

Indian moms place a lot of emphasis on rolling out round roti’s. Roll out a square in Mom in laws presence and the blame automatically falls on the girl’s Mom. Surely everyone rolled out square roti’s at some point?

I will post pics soon – probably next Tuesday when we make roti again.

Work Place Jealousy and Idiots

I’ve been exposed to jealousy again. It’s amazing how weaker males are always intimidated by me. Strong men understand an educated woman is an equal not a threat. Weaker males – I use the word male because a real man does not discriminate – are anxious about out shone by a woman. Pity. They masquerade as males because of biological features such as male genitals but they react to me like little girls. Its difficult to work with petty idiots. Sigh. But someone has to do it.

The idiocy extends to snooping through my work and then sharing with another weak male. I’m confident of my ability to excel at my job. Since weaker males don’t have the balls to confront me to my face and resort to snooping through my work and internet stalking I have posted this blog. I know they will read this because they have nothing better to do. They are so intimidated and threatened by me they have to resort to stalking me – celebrity style.

It’s also no surprise students have begun complaining about these weaker males. They’ve inflated their educational qualifications to build face with students when in reality they are at the bottom of the corporate chain.

Now all I have to do is sit back and watch the fun as karma bitch slaps these reject specimen.