What is Personal Branding?

Branding is a popular term amongst marketers. But what exactly does branding mean?
Brands are generally described as products and services that are easily distinguishable from other products and services on the market. Easily recognisable features such as logos, symbols and designs make a brand easily identifiable from others.

Think of your favorite brand. It could be anything. . .
Clothing or,
A reality show franchise.

What is the first thing that comes to mind?
In most cases it should be the brand name. Examples could be Pantene, Gill or Organics to name a few.

Now list your favorite things about your brand. . .
Perhaps your brand of coffee has a unique, unmatched flavor?
Or is it that no other brand of shampoo leaves your hair as smooth and silky as the one you’re using?
Maybe you trust your preferred brand of clothing to last years?
And nothing guarantees entertainment like your favorite reality show.

Whatever your reason – you choose a particular brand because something in that brand appeals to you.
Top brands are also reputable.
Brands are created with a purpose. That purpose is one of the reasons you choose a specific brand to fulfil your needs.

Generally speaking people tend to identify their favourite products and services by the brand names. If we apply the same principle of identification to ourselves then we too would like to be identified by our names and also for something we excel in. Think of Oprah Winfrey — one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and television personalities who excels in the media. Many other successful celebrities spring to mind — Richard Branson’s name is synonymous with the Virgin brand; Madonna’s music and performance skills are still the envy of many artists and, Michael Jordan is one of the best sports personalities on earth. All of these celebrities have established themselves as successful brands. We also perceive these successful individuals to be successful because of their various achievements. And, somewhere someone has a perception of you. This perception is somebody else’s understanding of what your brand represents. You are judged on your image, your confidence, the way you speak or conduct yourself.

Remember: You are the best brand ever created. Market yourself carefully.

“Entrepreneurs put a lot of heart, soul and effort into a brand. A stroke of genius is nothing without hard work.” – Anonymous