Excerpt from Rescue Me, #NA #SciFi out on#Query

Oh fuck. This is the end of me. I close my eyes and pretend this isn’t happening. Oh God why can’t Superman be real — just this once. If only he’d appear out of nowhere and pull this smelly bastard off me. A bike roars in the distance. I focus on its sound and imagine Superman is on that bike. Within seconds the sound of the bike is the only thing my mind holds onto the fucktard’s hands tighten around my waist. His sewer breath clogs my nostrils.
Forget him. Superman will rescue me. Where do I come up with candy floss shit for dreams? Hello? I’m about to be eaten by a bunch of twat waffles.
Crazy thoughts race through my head as I squeeze my eyes tight and clench my hands into fists bracing myself for the impact of his mouth on mine while at the same time trying to shut him out altogether. Somehow the shutting out part works. The leader’s hands loosen on my waist and his pungent alcohol breath gives way to fresh sea air.
“Fuck!” He gasps suddenly before the sound of bones breaking sickens me to the pit of my tummy.
Instinct forces my eyes open. We’re surrounded by a group of bikers with Harley’s so shiny the moonlight reflecting off of them blinds me temporarily. One of the bikers punches the leader on his jaw. The others circle the remaining would-be attackers.
“I didn’t touch her.” The leader winces.
“Liar,” mysterious Biker says in a deep voice, “Didn’t your mama teach you to always tell the truth?”
My spine tingles at the sound of his voice.
“I warned you about stepping on my ground, Skull.”
My ground? This sounds like a movie script gone real life. To me it means one thing. I found Superman. Okay. Technically he found me. Unless this is a dream. And none of this is really happening., Shock probably stupefied me. Or I’m dead and I’ve stepped away from my body…I shut my eyes and pinch myself. Fuck. That hurt. No, I’m not imagining any of this. The bikers are really here and one of them is teaching Skull a lesson he’ll never forget.
“Now why don’t you take your pack of vermin rats and get the hell out of here.” Superbiker suggests, “unless you’re hungry for seconds.”
Skull and his gang don’t need to be told twice. They disappear into the shadows so fast nobody would have guessed they were really here.
“Did he hurt you?” Superbiker asks me.
I’m stunned at how quickly my wish was granted. I asked for Superman and I got a Superbiker. My chest tightens. If only all my wishes were granted so easily…
Warm hands cup my face. I catch a glimpse of a shiny bracelet on his right hand. His left thumb is partially covered with a band aid.
“Hey? Are you okay?”
Superbiker’s talking to me. Say something, Lana. “Yeah…I’m fine.”
The woodsy scent of his aftershave and cologne captivates my senses. He’s pushed the visor of his helmet up but a clump of clouds block out the moonlight making it impossible for me to even catch a glimpse of my savior.
“You’re new here,” he states.
“You can tell just by looking at me?” Damn he’s got skills.
“No. Locals know better than to hang out on the beach at this part of the night.”
I look away somewhat ashamed not to have figured that out when I noticed the beach was abandoned.
He steps away from me. “You shouldn’t hang out here this part of night,” he says, “tell me where you live and we’ll escort you home.” He opens the car door for me.
“What’s your name?” I blurt.
He stops. Perhaps my question’s caught him off guard. “Why?”
I shrug. “It’d be nice to know.”
He leaves me standing outside my car and jumps on his bike. “Get in the car. My boys and I don’t have all night to wait on spoilt little rich girls who have nothing better to do than invite trouble upon themselves.”
Strangely his words sting. “I’m not a …” Oh why bother. I get inside my car and roll down the window. For a moment there I’d assumed he’d really cared when he’d asked me if I’d been hurt. I guess whoever my mysterious biker rescuer is — he’s just doing his job. My burgeoning hope and dreams of romance take a back seat.
The bikers escort me home. Superbiker pulls up beside me when I stop outside the gate and gestures for me to give him my keys. He unlocks the gate and gestures for me to park. I roll down the window and wait for him to leave before jumping off. Instead he pauses next to me while reversing out the driveway and lifts up the visor. Invisible waves of his aftershave engulf me. Superbiker’s tall, broad shouldered and not even the darkness can hide his pert ass.
“Thank you,” I tell him.
“For roughing up your haters?” He sounds amused. “If it wasn’t for spoilt brats like you, I’d be unemployed.”
I wish I could see his face before slapping him.
“Whatever,” I murmur.
“You’re welcome,” he replies sarcastically. “Tell you what, princess. If you can find me in the daylight I’ll tell you my name.”
My deceitful heart goes wild. “Deal,” I reply before I can stop myself.
Challenges are definitely my thing. I’ll find him all right even if the sound of his voice and the smell of his cologne and aftershave is all I have to go