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Please welcome the awesome Sheri Velarde on my blog today. She’s here to tell us more about her latest release of vampire shorts and her inspiration behind the collection.

I think that all authors have weird ticks in their writing, things that they can’t even explain why they exist. For me one of mine is the fact that all of my vampires seem to be French. I have other tick as well, like werebears are Russian and werewolves seem to be American in my writings. But none are more prevalent for me than my French vampires.

Why French vampires? I don’t know if I can full answer that. I suppose part of it is that I lived in France for a while when I was younger and the French culture really stuck with me. Especially their attitudes about sex and sexuality. They are so open and fluid about sex over there. I guess part of me just figures those are the same attitudes that vampires would have. Why be prejudice or prude when you get to live forever? Also, the French accent is just dead sexy. I don’t care what you say, French is one of the sexiest languages out there!

I think I also make my vampire French because I always assume their origins are in Europe, from countries with rich and vast histories. Well France is the country I know the most about, the one I am most comfortable discussing, so it seems to be a natural fit for me. That was extremely important in my historical piece, Curse of the Blood. Plus I want to be different, I don’t want my vampires to be from Eastern Europe. I want a sexy French vampire to dazzle my heroines and heroes.

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Three vampire stories in one collection for the first time!

In Under a Ring of Fire, everything changes for Jackie thanks to an eclipse of the sun. She is a dying woman, living what’s left of her life in misery. One night, one mysterious guest and she will be forever altered. Is this her chance to live at last?

In Curse of the Blood, not even service to his king in time of war could prepare Melvil for the pleasurable evil he would suffer at the hands of Honnor. One act of kindness dooms him to a life that he never wanted.

In Alone No More, the tortured Melvil is back, living a life of penance. One night he saves a young woman from ghouls and sees hope for the first time in years. Ella is a woman alone in life, until a mysterious Frenchman saves her from more than ghouls.


Sexy Sunday Teaser #NA #Romance#SciFi

Here’s a little snippet from Rescue Me, my NA ms out on query.

He kisses me on my lips as soon as I open the door.
“Damn. Every time I see you, you take my breath away a little more,” he says.
My cheeks grow warm in seconds. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Princess.” He gives me a bunch of red roses and a Barbie doll dressed in a ball gown.
“Oh my God, Ty. You didn’t have to!” Tears fill my eyes at his romantic gesture.
“What happened?” He asks, shocked, “Are you allergic to the flowers?”
I shake my head. “It’s not the roses,” I say although it’s the first time I’ve ever received roses — and a doll — from a guy, “I’m just so touched. . .”
“I couldn’t find your doll,” he says apologetically when I stare at Barbie.
“It doesn’t matter. I love her.” I say while unwrapping Barbie. She doesn’t look at all like the one that drowned but she’s just as gorgeous and special because Ty bought her for me. Ty follows me inside the kitchen and waits for me while I fill a vase with water and ice cubes before popping the roses inside. I leave Barbie on the kitchen counter.
He holds me from behind the minute the roses are in the vase and presses tiny, hot kisses on my neck. “Missed me?” He asks.
“Yes,” I answer a little breathless.
He pulls me closer as his hands creep higher. He teases my nipples with his fingertips. “I missed you too,” he says.
“Is this your surprise?” I can’t resist asking. Because if it is then it certainly is a wonderful way to spend the rest of the day.
“No,” he groans, “every time I’m around you I lose track of my plans.”