Beating Endometriosis 

I am blessed with good health in 2017 and going forward. 
This after almost being butchered by my gynecologist last year. Almost every solution to pain or discomfort is a procedure. Whether it’s a laparoscopy, incision, surgery . . . Whatever they want to call it. Some medical specialists would rather fill a patient with doubt than look at the root cause of the symptoms. 
I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012. The diagnosis was based on scans and ultrasounds that were inconclusive. This should have been my first warning sign. 
I recall walking out of the hospital on the day of my laparoscopy vowing to never return. A chance visit to a local health shop on the North Coast, here in KZN, lead to me seeing a homeopath who specialized in women reproductive and fertility problems (not that I was trying to fall pregnant). I took a months course of homeopathic medication and although I wasn’t cured, I learned to have faith in my body and listened to its signs and symptoms. The culprit of the severe period pains and cramps wasn’t endometriosis, it was a diet rich in processed soya. 
I have eliminated soya, processed meat and a range or preservatives from my diet and I although I still have mild period cramps — there is no need for painkillers. Unless the pain is annoying me. I’ve added yoga and light exercise to lifestyle as well and practice breathing exercises as well. The only thing I haven’t really given up is carbohydrates. I have a weak, sensitive digestive system and low GI white bread really helps. 
Had it not been for Endo support groups on Facebook and other social media platforms, I wouldn’t have had the courage to listen to my body and find a solution. 

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