Sexy Sunday Teaser #NA #Romance#SciFi

Here’s a little snippet from Rescue Me, my NA ms out on query.

He kisses me on my lips as soon as I open the door.
“Damn. Every time I see you, you take my breath away a little more,” he says.
My cheeks grow warm in seconds. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Princess.” He gives me a bunch of red roses and a Barbie doll dressed in a ball gown.
“Oh my God, Ty. You didn’t have to!” Tears fill my eyes at his romantic gesture.
“What happened?” He asks, shocked, “Are you allergic to the flowers?”
I shake my head. “It’s not the roses,” I say although it’s the first time I’ve ever received roses — and a doll — from a guy, “I’m just so touched. . .”
“I couldn’t find your doll,” he says apologetically when I stare at Barbie.
“It doesn’t matter. I love her.” I say while unwrapping Barbie. She doesn’t look at all like the one that drowned but she’s just as gorgeous and special because Ty bought her for me. Ty follows me inside the kitchen and waits for me while I fill a vase with water and ice cubes before popping the roses inside. I leave Barbie on the kitchen counter.
He holds me from behind the minute the roses are in the vase and presses tiny, hot kisses on my neck. “Missed me?” He asks.
“Yes,” I answer a little breathless.
He pulls me closer as his hands creep higher. He teases my nipples with his fingertips. “I missed you too,” he says.
“Is this your surprise?” I can’t resist asking. Because if it is then it certainly is a wonderful way to spend the rest of the day.
“No,” he groans, “every time I’m around you I lose track of my plans.”

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