Cherish is my first published ebook. It’s a YA story set in KZN and has a few futuristic and paranormal elements. Have a look at Armando’s POV and let me know what you think.

“I swear my father lost his mind the day I grew up. I mean where does he come up with crazy plans to rule the world and ruin people’s lives. Not that I’m exempt. Two weeks ago he told me to watch a girl. Sarah Parker. He said she’s my enemy. The girl who’d mark my end. Like really. I have yet to meet a girl powerful enough to destroy me.

Dad’s weird predictions ceased to amaze me years ago. Girls were not created to destroy me. In fact, Sarah Parker is the only girl who completes me. There’s absolutely no way I’ll destroy her. Even if it means defying my father.

The worst part about Dad’s latest epiphany is sending me back to school. Dolphin Coast High is pretty awesome though – a private school with expensive facilities and lessons like life coaching. Definitely a rich kids school. At least I don’t have to rough it out at a down market public school. I’ve done my fair share of roughing it out. Anyway back to the present. I’m on my way to school. Being the new kid sucks. And trust me – I’m a veteran when it comes to being the new kid. My father’s line of work ensures we move around the universe a lot. Starting over has its ups and downs. Being assigned to end someone’s life doesn’t.”




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