Personal Rant

Someone obviously doesn’t like me. Over the past few months this person has been subtly attacking my car. First there was a ballpoint doodle across the bonnet. Next, multiple scratches with a sharper object – enough for me to notice but also cover up. Then there was the missing caps on the pressure valve things on the wheels. The latest – digging out the rubber on the windscreen. I told a cop friend of mine about the incidents and I have to admit I never considered this possibility. These are subtle threats against my life. This person probably can’t stand the sight of me. The windscreen coming loose while I’m driving will definitely cause major damage to my face and probably cause me to lose control and veer off the road. How can someone be such a psycho? I’m posting this on FACEBOOK not as a threat but that in the event of a more serious attack, someone looks back on this to catch the suspect. Those so you close to me know who HE is. Yes, it is a man.

I’ve had to deal with numerous insults over the last couple of months. Mostly because I am an intelligent, successful woman who knows my shit. I am a published writer, a Masters student and I have a wonderful career that presents me with more joy and countless opportunities to bring joy into the lives of the students I work with. I do what I love and I am incredibly blessed. Why some people cannot accept this, God only knows. These individuals have gone to the extent of making my life such a misery that I requested my workload be changed. I’ve been called stupid and my students have been told I don’t know how to teach but I still have excellent pass rates. All of this points to jealousy.

This post is not just a rant. The attacks on my car are an indirect attack on me. I’m posting this story on all my social media networks so that if I am ever attacked, the police and my family will know that this was pre meditated.

A man who can stoop so low is not a man at all. He doesn’t have the balls to make himself a better person. He doesn’t have the guts to face me so he goes after my harmless car. My car that minds nobody’s business. My car which was bought PURELY with my own hard earned cash. See, I don’t need to sponge off my spouse to get the things I want. I either earn it myself or I do without. Although material things mean little to me, my car holds a special place in my heart. It is my first sign of independence. It is also something my late Mom always wanted me to get but her body didn’t allow her to stick around to witness it.

The jibes at my SINGLE status – all I. All I can say is, Dude where is it biting you if I’m not buckled. How is that any of your business? Why should I explain myself? Am I suppose to jump in your pants? Sorry to break your heart but apart from the fact that you’re not my type, you’re also a coward.

I know you stalk me on the Internet. And just because you can’t get enough of me – here’s a few pics you can wank to.




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