Snippet From Giving In – Book #2 in the Moving In Series

“I’ve never spent weekends at home – until I moved in with Lace. She’s a sweet girl with a smoking hot body and an innocence that urges every part of my body to take her in my arms and. . . . Oh stop it, Dean. Lace isn’t mine to fantasize about. I need to draw the line somewhere with my crazy hormones and maintain the platonic relationship I have with Lace.
I shake my head as I pull into the parking lot of ZN Consulting. Lace is more than just a girl who gave me a place to stay – she’s my lucky charm. In the three short weeks I’ve been at ZN Consulting I’ve been promoted to Independent Business Consultant. I don’t mind working with small business owners. Everybody has to start somewhere and educating new entrepreneurs on marketing their fledgling enterprises has inspired me to work even harder. However my bosses recently entrusted me with two of their multi-billion dollar clients. Their faith spurred me to work harder and fall deeper in love with my career. And the beauty of it all is returning home to Lace. I don’t want to ruin the relationship we have with spontaneous sex. Lace’s kindness has exposed me to stability – something I’d never imagined achieving before I hit thirty. And the best part about having a stable job and place to call home is the joy of knowing I belong somewhere.
I smile to myself as I sling my lap top bag over my shoulder and lock the van.”


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