#Sexy Sunday Snippet

Hi Everyone,

Here is my sexy Sunday snippet from Moving In which is with my fabulous editor, Haleigh Rucinski. Enjoy.

Jason pats my shoulder. “You need a workout, Dean.”
He hits the gym if anything minutely epic stresses him out. He could pass for a WWE superstar but his thick glasses and shaggy, blonde hair’s flopping over his forehead adds the nerd aspect to his look.
“Don’t take it personally. You know how these journalist types are always looking for a story to sensationalize.”
“She’s a blogger,” I correct, “Not a journalist. Besides I don’t care what she fucking calls herself. She thinks she knows it all about when she knows zilch.” Besides her bull shit blog post has probably given my mother enough reason to resume her Prozac diet. Lace Higgins’ unleashed a lethal storm when she updated her blog last night.
Jason pats me on the shoulder. “You need to work your anger off. Too much anger isn’t good for the soul.”
“Fuck my soul. I’m going to find that two bit cyber celebrity and teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.”
Jason grimaces. “Exactly what do you plan on saying to her?”
I shrug. I’m sure my brown eyes are blood shot with anger by now. I must resemble a maniac after an adrenaline rush.
“How about mind your own fucking business?”
Jason grins. “It’s a start although you might want to tone it down and eliminate the profanity.” He’s a gentleman under any circumstance.
“The swearing stays. It’ll help me make my point.” I clench and unclench my fists. “I’m not going to find her and then sweet talk her into apologizing.”
“So what’s the point of finding her then?”
I glare at Jace. “Dude, which part of I’m going to teach her a lesson haven’t you understood?”
Jason grins. “What if she’s as hot as hell and blows your mind?”
“Puh – leaze. I’ll bet she’s some overweight chick who wears prescription glasses and gossips about people in my position on her blog just to get attention.”
Jason laughs and shakes his head. “Lace Higgins is actually quite intelligent. I’m not sure what made her blog about you.”
I shoot Jason a sour look. “What the fuck are you trying to say, huh? Am I not worth blogging about? Are you trying to say I’m dumb?”

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