#Sunday #Snippet

Hi Everyone,

Here’s my #Sunday snippet from the revised Moving In series. Enjoy.

I hold the phone away from my ears and sigh. She can be so melodramatic. “He said he doesn’t want to ruin our friendship,” I repeat.
“Fuck,” she screams, “I can’t believe he used the F word.”
“Who used it, baby?” Zane asks in the background.
“Lace’s would be boyfriend,” she replies.
Would be isn’t happening. Alison may hit the roof if I say it out loud.
“What did you say to him?” she demands.
“Nothing…his phone rang and when he came back to the living room he mentioned the F word.” As far as I can remember nothing else happened.
“Who called him?” Alison shouts into the phone.
“He didn’t say and I didn’t ask.”
“Are you freakin’ out of your mind? He’s living under your roof and you don’t know who calls him?” If her voice gets any louder my handset is going to burst.
Okay, then. Alison expects me to stalk him?
“Sounds risky,” Zane says, “a girl should know everything going on in her house.”
Zane so doesn’t know when to shut up.
“Yeah, baby,” she agrees. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her all along.” She shifts her attention to me.

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