Cherish – Signed with Breathless Press

I am absolutely thrilled to be working with the fabulous Ms. Haleigh Rucinski and Ms. Leona Bushman on a novel I hold close close to my heart. I wrote Cherish during the last few months of 2009 while my late Mom was still alive. I’ve always hoped to get Cherish published and was thrilled when Ms. Leona Bushman sent me the email that changed my life from querying writer to soon to be published author.

The MC’s fear of losing her Mom in Cherish is based on my personal fear of losing my own mother – something I eventually faced.

I couldn’t have found a better team to work with on this book. None of this wold have happened though if it hadn’t been for the fabulous Raven McAllan. Thank you, Raven for being such a wonderful online friend and enthusiastic writing buddy.

Please follow my blogs for details on cover reveals, book release dates and swag…


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