Teaser from my New Adult novel out on submission

Hello Everyone,

Hope you enjoy the teaser I posted below. Please leave a comment.

“I have no idea what to wear tonight. Not that I have a spectacular wardrobe to delve into. In the end I settle for jeans and a fitted pink t shirt. The atmosphere in Umhlanga changes as night settles in. There’s a definite party vibe in the air. Butterflies steal into my tummy infusing it with nervousness for the first time in ages. Instead of waiting patiently for Liam to knock at the door I pace my spacious hotel room nervously. The door clicks open softly at five minutes to seven.
“Hey.” His voice makes me jump. Liam holds up the access card. “I forgot to leave this behind. Hope you don’t mind.”
“It’s okay.” I take the card from him and pop it into my purse.
“You ready?” His eyes take in my jeans, t shirt and my loose hair.
A smile plays at the corner of his mouth. My insides somersault before launching into cart wheels.
“We could spend the night in,” he whispers, “You choose. Your place or mine?”
My blood takes the highway to my face. “Um…I’m hungry.”
Liam closes the distance between us. “Yeah, I am too.” He nuzzles my neck. “Do you mind if I take a bite?”
How do I say no when my deceptive body yearns for his touch. I snuggle against him while his teeth pinch the delicate skin at the base of my throat. He tangles his fingers through my hair and moans against my throat.”

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